Ai Technology

Absolutely Incredible Technology.

We’re no longer in the 20th century so why should your treatment be? We’re always looking care for our patients using, the safest, and best tools available. Here are some of the great new ways we care for you:

iCat FLX Cone Beam 3d Imaging

The iCat FLX has been voted the best cone beam 3d scanner in the industry for 6 years in a row.

Some of the great things this scanner offers our patients:

  • A fraction of the radiation of traditional x-rays
  • A complete scan in 4.8 seconds that gives more information than traditional 2d scans
  • A view of more than just teeth, using this technology we can see ear nose and throat airways to help diagnose underlying health issues.
  • Diagnoses for TMJ and sleep disordered breathing
  • Improved dental development diagnosis for early treatment of kids.

Trios Intraoral Scanner

Traditional dental impressions are messy, time taking and hard to manipulate. Digital scanners do better but the Trios scanner goes above and beyond!

Every patient at the start of therapy is scanned digitally no gooey mess in your mouth. Our Trios scanner can do a complete scan in 2 minutes of your mouth! Digital scans can sometimes compromise quality of traditional impression, but the Trios scanner creates the closest equivalent and is more efficient that all other forms of impressions.

In house 3D Printing

All orthodontic treatments used to begin with stone models of teeth which would be kept for years even after therapy was complete. Now, with using 3d printers we can offer more environmentally friendly options of digitally storing records. These models can be printed in office saving time and allowing us to give you a copy of your teeth when therapy is complete!


The AcceleDent System is an orthodontic micropulse device that we can prescribe for you to help your orthodontic treatment work faster. By inserting the Mouthpiece—fitted around your existing orthodontics the AcceleDent System can speed up tooth movement.
This System generates small vibrations that are guided by your orthodontist. This can decrease the duration of the orthodontic treatment—and can even help to make your orthodontics more comfortable. Which means that you can finish your treatment faster, and feel more comfortable during treatment!

Propel Treatment

Propel Treatments help to reduce therapy time for patients who are worried about length and complexity of treatment. Patients who may have some teeth that require major physical movement can receive customized Propel Excelleration treatments. These treatments when administered by your orthodontist improve results of therapy and reduce the amount of time it takes for teeth to move and heal.

From Our Patients...

"Love Dr. Issa and his staff! They are so friendly, the cost, insurance coverages and payment plans are easy. They have great contests for the kids and know what they are doing when it comes to braces! Would highly recommend this orthodontist and his staff to everyone who needs braces!"

"Kelly Trumbauer-Waite"

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